A full range of test-leak manufacturing, from laser-drilled holes, laser-initiated cracks, and bonded micro-capillaries.

OpTek Systems drills precision micro-holes in glass, metals, polymers, and ceramics, to create highly accurate calibration standards for leak testing applications.

Leak testing of product packaging is increasingly mandatory across the medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries, to ensure the integrity of the environmental barrier, which is critical to product quality and safety.

Through our comprehensive ISO9001 certified production facilities, OpTek can produce precision drilled calibration standards in the materials and formats that meet your needs. Our laser drilling service is backed up by inspection and measurement, and your order is delivered with this supporting data.

Precision laser micro-hole drilling delivers highly accurate and reproducible results down to a few microns in diameter. With the ability to process virtually all types of material, we are able to create leak test standards for a wide range of packaging, including:

  • Drug vials and ampoules (glass and plastic)
  • Blister packs (cold-formed and thermo-formed)
  • Food packaging, packets, cans, bottles
  • Chemical containers
  • Flat sheets, foils, and films for industrial applications

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