Laser processing offers unique advantages for materials processing in an ever-increasing range of applications whilst our optical fiber processing services enable volume production of high quality optical component designs.

From micro holes with diameters down to a few microns with sub-micron tolerances to laser cutting optical elements directly on the end of an optical fiber, laser processing and micro-machining provides a highly versatile engineering solution. A variety of laser technologies are available, providing a toolbox that can deliver a range of precision machining processes. This creates a highly versatile capability for machining exceptionally accurate micro and macro-scale features in virtually all material types and combinations.  

OpTek’s laser processing capability can be divided into two key offerings: Material Processing Services and Optical Fiber Processing. These can be further broken down into a number of core processes as follows:

Laser DrillingLaser Cleaving
Laser MillingLaser Lensing
Scribing & DicingEnd Caps
SlittingLaser Stripping
Patterning & texturisingFiber Assembly Units (FAU)
Laser Marking
Wire Skiving & Stripping

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