Laser Processed Non-Destructive Testing Reference Standards

OpTek Systems builds both custom and generic reference standards for all your non-destructive testing needs. We can laser cut notches, drill micro-holes, create dimples, and other surface features for your specific primary or master reference standard through our ISO 9001 certified production facilities.

Unlike EDM or CNC methods that are used to make notches, precision laser processing is able to create long tapering profiles that closely mimic defects caused by fatigued or thermal stress from welding. Also referred to as simulated defects or artificial cracks, laser-cut reference standards can help to optimize the sensitivity and accuracy in the detection of defects in safety-critical systems and components.

With widths down to a few microns, depths of up to several millimeters and potentially unlimited lengths laser cut “cracks” can be placed on flat, curved, or complex surfaces and in virtually any material. Laser-cut standards may help improve the detection of cracks for anyone needing to accurately calibrate crack detection equipment for NDT in:

  • Oil & Gas pipelines
  • Aerospace structures and components
  • Power generation
  • Nuclear power and containment

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