OpTek offers unique sub-contract manufacturing services using OpTek proprietary processes to provide hermetic fiber assemblies for a range of optical fiber applications, including high power fiber laser, telecommunications, datacom, and sensors.

Hermetic fiber assemblies are provided from OpTek Systems’ Advanced Fiber Assembly platform which allows OEMs to consolidate suppliers of metalized fiber, hermetic sleeves, AR coatings, Lensing, Fiber Bragg Gratings, and connectorization into a single source. Lensed fibers are rapidly becoming the method of choice for interfacing optical fiber to active devices and waveguides. Lensing technology provides highly efficient coupling while consuming a fraction of the space and costs of bulk optic alternatives. Fiber lenses are typically created to match the emission profiles of the receiving or transmitting device to which they are coupled. Fibers are metalized with multiple layers resulting in as oxidization resistant, strong, and uniform coating suitable for soldering, hermetic sealing, and operation in harsh environments. Hermetic sealing is achieved using either glass or metal soldering, or with epoxy where appropriate.

Laser stripping of optical fibers is a contact-free process used for acrylate, polyimide, and other exotic buffers. The process can be configured for end-stripping and window-stripping with precise dimensional control. The elimination of blades and any form of glass abrasions make this an ideal process for ultra-high reliability (UHR) applications.

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