OpTek’s proprietary laser lensing technology delivers unparalleled performance in the production of lensed optical fiber for coupling to laser diodes.

Laser lensing excels in applications requiring highly efficient coupling of diode laser power into a single mode fiber, such as 980nm pump lasers for optical communications.

Machining the lens directly onto the optical fiber tail, eliminates the need for bulky optical components, reducing complexity, component count and size.  Moreover the OpTek lensing process can be accurately aligned to the optical fiber core and machines with an optical quality surface finish, resulting in exceptional coupling efficiency.

Laser lensing is a highly versatile process, allowing the creation of a range of lens forms including circularly symmetric (conical), cylindrical (wedge) and biconic lenses.  In-process monitoring of lens performance provides active feedback to ensure precise control of lens geometry and alignment.  With typical process times measures in 10’s of seconds and first pass yields of 99.9%, OpTek offers the most cost effective method for lensing optical fiber.

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