HUMANETICS SENSORS: OpTek is part of the Humanetics Sensors group that combines the capabilities of Fibercore's specialized fiber optics, HITEC's custom sensors and OpTek's fiber processing, micromanufacturing and precision engineering. Our combined capabilities offer customers a unique ability to develop custom fiber sensors for critical environments, at micron precision.

Solutions for Precision Engineering

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Laser Micromachining

From micro holes with diameters down to a few microns and sub-micron tolerances to laser scribes a few 10s microns wide, laser processing and micromachining provides a highly versatile manufacturing solution.

Fiber lensing

Optical Fiber

The unique optical fiber processing capabilities offered by OpTek allows the production of cleaved and lensed assemblies with unmatched functionality.

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Range of Applications

OpTek offers unique advantages for material processing in an ever increasing range of laser micromachining and optical fiber applications. Discover our highly diverse range of capabilities.

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Customer Support

From contract manufacturing and tailored equipment, to support and unrivaled expertise, OpTek supports your unique requirements across three continents, in production-critical environments.

Humanetics Biomed

Discover the combined capabilities of Humanetics, including OpTek, through Humanetics Biomed. With over 50 years of expertise in custom sensors, specialized fibers and laser engineering we are your ideal Biomedical CDMO partner.

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Global Focus

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About OpTek Systems

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Humanetics unites its group to focus on digital, safety and sensor technologies

Humanetics' desire to focus safety and technology innovation has led to a simplification of the Humanetics structure and a commitment to drive our capabilities through three divisions that will focus on Digital, Safety and Sensor Technology.

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Our people and values shape our culture, our contributions to a more sustainable working environment, and the dedication we bring to each project—every day.

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Latest News & Press Releases

Welcome to our conversations about our latest news and press releases, industry developments and engineering innovations in the laser processing market today.

Humanetics Sensors

Humanetics Sensors combines the capabilities of Fibercore's specialized fiber optics, HITEC's customer sensor design and assembly and OpTek's fiber processing, micromanufacturing and precision automated engineering to address advanced sensor needs across multiple sectors. Our combined capabilities offers customers a unique ability to develop custom advanced sensors for critical environments, at micron precision and scalable production speeds.

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The global leader in specialty optical fiber solutions that enable precise sensing and control in the world’s most demanding and harsh environments.


Unrivaled innovation for load cells, torque sensors, and custom strain gage-based sensors for medical, aerospace, and many other industries.

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World leading laser micromachining and optical-fiber processing tools and services meeting precision manufacturing challenges worldwide.

Industries We Serve

From aerospace and biomedical, to defense, energy and more, OpTek serves a wide and ever-growing range of industries that require extremely precise features created at an extremely small scale.