We are providing the capabilities for advanced materials processing in the most challenging of environments.

Since human endeavor put the very first man-made object into space, new technology and manufacturing techniques have been at the forefront of our efforts to explore and operate in the environments outside our planet’s atmosphere.

From the outset, space vehicles must be designed with the best possible strength to weight characteristics and, once launched, the systems on board must operate in the absence (or significantly reduced) of atmosphere and gravity, creating a unique set of challenges for everything from power generation and communications to propulsion.

OpTek’s advanced laser processing capabilities provide the basis for a range of unique and highly specialized techniques to support the production of components and systems destined for space.

•    Processing of thin film, ultra-light photovoltaic cells

•    Laser cutting of ultra-light protective films and materials

•    Laser micro-hole drilling of key components for positioning and propulsion systems

•    Patterning of specialized antennae

•    Supporting the production of sensors for testing and mission-critical applications


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