Precision machined slits and apertures used in a variety of analytical instruments for applications including spectrometry, E microscope, gas and liquid flow control, optics and filtration.

Through our comprehensive ISO9001 certified production facilities, OpTek can produce precision machined slits and apertures in virtually all materials including metals (e.g. Stainless Steel , Nickel, Tantalum, Molybdenum); ceramics (e.g. Alumina, Silicon Nitride) and polymers (e.g. Kapton, Vespel, Cirlex, Peek). 

Precision laser micromachining delivers highly accurate and reproducible with slit widths down to <5 µm and tolerances of +/ 0.5µm possible.  Our precision, non-contact machining provides consistent batch to batch quality and a clean, debris and burr free finish.


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