We are improving healthcare diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes through innovative design, precise manufacturing, and scalable production.

Advancements in diagnostics and treatment depend on manufacturing processes that require extreme precision at microscopic scales. Consistent quality matters. Tolerances that may be measured in nanometers must be maintained from the prototype stage through the manufacture of millions of production parts. Optical fibers that require highly customized processing must be completely free of any microscopic defects or variations.

Whether manufacturing parts, a sub-system, or a complete machine, it’s essential to begin with a deep understanding of the application’s specific technical requirements. To strictly adhere to each customer’s specified procedures for bioburden load minimization, PPE use, part handling, testing procedures, device packaging, and other requirements. And to maintain the commitment to seeing each project through to success—no matter the design, production, or global distribution challenges.

OpTek has been meeting these challenges for decades, since the dawn of the laser micromachining and optical fiber processing industries. To list just a few of our past successes and current projects:

  • We deliver a high production volume of filtration components for cellular diffusion, drug dosing control and other applications to customers worldwide, with as many as 118 million precise, micron-scale holes laser-machined into each part
  • We are helping develop single-use, disposable diagnostic and therapeutic solutions that reduce the need for hospital stays and invasive interventions
  • We manufacturer millions of sensors per year that help make safe, effective home dialysis a reality
  • We are helping device manufacturers advance the art of tissue processing for everything from laboratory analysis to exciting new uses for placental tissue in therapeutic applications
  • We are investigating the potential for sensors incorporated into bandages to enable safer, more effective wound treatment without the risks of periodic bandage removal for inspection
  • We ship hundreds of thousands and even millions of complete, packaged assemblies and devices every year for applications as diverse as endoscopic surgery, dental surgery, diabetes care, transfusion services, and many more

Every application is the result of close collaboration with biomedical innovators who see an opportunity to create new and better ways to improve human health and wellness. We take pride in helping make their innovations possible. Whether you need a mass-produced precision part or a partner for developing an entirely new biomedical concept, let’s talk.

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