Laser drilling offers an alternative to traditional mesh construction in the productions of “last chance” filters.

Laser drilled filters offer smaller nominal filtrations size down to around 25 microns and are ideally suited to applications where a high collapse pressure or burst pressure requirement exists. Laser drilled filters are also well suited to bi-directional flow requirements in a very restricted envelope. Conventional mesh-type filters require support cores in addition to multiple layers of the mesh resulting in a costly filter with a high-pressure drop.

Laser drilled filters can also be used for wash flow filter applications for fuel systems with ratings in the 25 to 70 micron range where the pressure drop is considered critical. The laser drilled filters offer excellent flow versus pressure drop characteristics. Laser drilling enables the design of single or multi-part assemblies where reliability, weight, and strength of construction are critical. Laser drilling also offers complete versatility in material selection, being applicable to virtually all material types.

Last Chance Filters provide fluid system protection for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Engine Lube & Fuel Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Helicopter Transmission Lube systems
  • Avionics (E/E) Cooling systems

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