Advances in the development of wound dressings that use biological materials, or their synthetic equivalents are an ideal candidate for precision, low impact laser processing.

Sheets of the valuable and delicate material need cutting to size and, in some cases, also need to be drilled with small pores to create a breathable dressing. OpTek Systems precision laser processing is fast and efficient, providing the best utilization of material, compared to mechanical methods. Using our proprietary, non-contact laser process, it is possible to create any size and shape, precisely perforated where necessary, while minimizing waste or scrap and damage to the dressing material. Automated laser processing delivers accurate and reproducible results, converting the maximum material into a product with excellent part-to-part consistency and exceptional cut edge quality.

The latest micromachining offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Ability to cut difficult materials (soft, stretchy, woven, fragile)
  • Ability to cut parts of any shape
  • Ability to produce fine features or perforations
  • Precise and reproducible cuts
  • Functionally and aesthetically good edge quality
  • Maximum utilization of material though nesting of parts
  • Ability to selectively avoid non-ideal areas of biological samples
  • No danger to operators from the use of sharp tools
  • No danger of consequential operator contamination of material
  • No danger of cross-contamination from cutting blades
  • Ability to selectively texture surfaces to increase surface area and promote adhesion

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