Production and R&D equipment for precision laser micromachining, engineered to meet your manufacturing needs and delivered as a stand-alone machine or fully integrated solution.

OpTek specializes in the development of laser machining and micromachining processes and the transitioning of these into robust, high productivity production equipment. Integrating a wide range of laser sources, OpTek production equipment is recognized for its processing capability and reliability.

OpTek offers a range of standalone machine tool platforms that can be tailored to the needs of a specific application. For higher volume applications or those requiring multiple process steps, OpTek designs and builds custom machines and more complex automated production equipment. This includes modules for integration with existing or new production lines through to full end-to-end or roll-to-roll systems.

MM Series Compact Laser Micromachining Platform

Standard workstations offer a range of options that can easily be combined to provide a laser processing solution for your application at a competitive price and delivery time. By utilizing our standard platforms, you greatly reduce the time and cost involved in engineering the stable structure, enclosure, services, and control system. The workspace and control interface can then be tailored to your requirement, providing the functionality and productivity of a bespoke machine tool.

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MM-2500 Machine


    MM-2500 Machine

    MM-2500 QCW

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