OpTek Systems is a leading global supplier of laser processing tools and laser machining services.

OpTek is a privately owned and fully independent company and as a result our business is wholly focused on our customers and the delivery of the right solution to address your production needs.  Working in partnership with our customers, our highly qualified and experienced team develop and deliver precision laser processing tools by bringing together core skills in lasers, optics, laser/materials interaction, automation, vision, control and software.  With a long history of supplying robust and reliable production line equipment to a diverse range of requirements, OpTek will deliver the right solution for your production challenges.

With an installed base covering Europe, USA, and Asia we have installed precision machining equipment in most manufacturing environments from clean-rooms to construction sites and with key operational centres in the UK and USA our resources include a wide range of laser sources covering the spectrum from deep UV to the far IR, with pulse lengths from ps to cw.  Drawing on our comprehensive facilities we offer the development of specialized laser machining processes and then deliver these as a sub-contract service, or transition them into production-line equipment and install in your facility.

OpTek’s experience covers an extensive range of applications in electronics, telecommunications, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, biomedical and consumer sectors.  Engineering requirements across all sectors are increasingly being addressed by laser processing which provides the means to machine macro and micro scale features to exacting tolerances in virtually all materials.  OpTek specializes in delivering these processes for use in routine production.