Laser Processing PV Cells for precision machining of thin films, foils and wafers.

Laser processing PV cells is applicable to a wide range of PV technologies, to create isolation scribes in thin film and wafer bases cells, drillling micro vias and a host of other precision processing tasks. OpTek is a leading provider of laser based production solutions and offers a detailed understanding of the process requirements for a wide range of PV cell manufacturing steps. Resources include access to all major laser sources in both well established and the latest technologies, along with expert knowledge in the application of these tools in Si wafer-based cells, thin film on glass and flexible metal foils and polymer films.


The dominant application for lasers in PV cell manufacture, scribing is applied to Si wafer and thin film formats for patterning layers of metal, insulating oxides, TCO, semiconductors, and polymers.

Cutting & Drilling

Partial and full-thickness processing of substrates is applied for a number of requirements such as via holes for EWT and interconnects, wafer or substrate re-sizing, and for trimming encapsulants.


Laser processing can be applied to a wide range of requirements. These include marking for product identity, welding of hermetic seals, local treatment on contact areas, and contact attachment.

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Laser Processing PV Cells


  • Scribing/patterning
  • Hole/via drilling
  • Cutting/trimming
  • Welding, contact firing
  • Marking

Substrate Format

  • 6" Si Wafer
  • Glass sheet
  • Polymer film
  • Metal foil
  • Hybrid (BIPV)

Laser Options

  • DPSS 1064, 532, 355,266nm
  • Fiber Laser 1064, 532nm
  • CO2 10.6, 9.4µm
  • Ultra short pulsed lasers


  • P1,P2,P3 layer scribing
  • Scribing burried contacts
  • Scribing TCO's
  • Removing insulating oxides
  • Edge deletion
  • Edge isolation
  • Emitter wrap through
  • Contact firing
  • Encapsulation finishing
  • Wafer re-sizing

Cell Types

  • c-Si wafer
  • CIS
  • CIGS
  • CdTe
  • DSSC
  • BIPV
  • Flex Thin film

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