Committed to our People; Dedicated to Innovation Advances

Innovation is at our core. We strive to find new and more efficient ways to tackle our customer’s problems. And through our open and collaborative approach, we develop dedicated partnerships to fuel our customer's successes. 

We are responsible for some of the most complex processes in medical applications, from oxygen sensors to surgery assistant devices. We've enabled developments in communications, sensing, and advanced materials processing for the defense and security industries. And we've supported the data revolution by driving optical fiber processing over the past 20 years.

But at the heart of these technological advancements is our people. A team of devoted experts, many with 15+ year tenures, across nine countries, and multiple international facilities. Our people shape our culture, our contributions to a more sustainable working environment, and the values we bring to each project—every day.

Our Values

We have a set of shared values that drive our business, our partnership, and the people we strive to be.. As an entrepreneurial business with successful operating companies in different markets across the world, we know how to celebrate independence and bring the power of unity to our network. 

  • Human-centric: We always see the human side of our solutions and our impact on the world. We believe that the more we focus on serving the needs of our clients and our employees the more we will get in return.
  • Innovative: We know our curiosity to solve problems also needs a hunger to deliver an impact. We know the best solutions come from a diversity of thought.
  • Agile: We believe good ideas in business come with a sense of urgency. We should move fast and iterate.
  • Openness: We believe in impeccable ethics, honesty, integrity, and open communication. Openness enables us to respond to problems and opportunities.

Our Environment

We are committed to using energy and natural resources efficiently to minimize our impact on the environment.

  • Our manufacturing processes are designed to minimize waste products and recycle elements wherever possible.
  • Our offices and manufacturing facilities are built to the highest environmental standards. We monitor energy consumption to drive continual improvements in energy efficiency which minimizes our carbon footprint. 
  • Each of our companies promotes effective resource management and recycling throughout their operations.

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