Precision laser machining offers unique advantages in terms of feature size, accuracy, process speed and materials advantages in an increasing range of challenging applications.

From miniature holes with diameters down to a few microns and sub-micron tolerances, to laser scribes 10’s of microns wide and kilometers long, laser processing and micromachining provides a highly versatile engineering solution.

A wide range of state of the art laser technology is available, allowing the laser process to be tuned to the particular material and feature type required, with a high degree of control over the laser/material interaction. The delivery of the laser energy can be controlled to such an extent that lasers can be applied to highly thermal processes such as heat treatment and welding through to “cold” vaporization of materials for precision micro-hole drilling. Moreover, the properties of the laser can be chosen to allow selective removal of one material from another and the beam can be scanned rapidly to create larger features for laser cutting, laser drilling, laser slitting, laser scribing, laser dicing, laser marking and 3D laser micro-milling.

At OpTek Systems, we transition developed processes to production through sub-contract processing services and/or fully integrated machines.

This includes:

•    Samples and prototyping

•    Low volume production

•    Medium - Ultra high volume production

•    Material sourcing and supply

•    Automated part handling, inspection and packaging

•    Pre and post manufacturing non-laser processes

•    Drop shipping

The following pages illustrate our highly diverse, precision micro-machining capability. However, to discuss your specific requirements please do contact us directly.

Alternatively OpTek can provide fully integrated work stations. 

Teaser drilling icon

Laser Drilling

Delivering a highly accurate, reliable, and versatile production method for the creation of micro-holes for a wide range of applications.

teaser laser milling icon

Laser Milling

Laser milling and laser micro-milling are used in the creation of precisely controlled surface structures, channels, pockets, and other features requiring three-dimensional control of dimensions.

Laser cutting teaser

Scribing & Dicing

High precision laser scribing and dicing can be applied to a wide variety of material types and formats and is used for a range of requirements from the singulation of micro-electronic devices to the re-sizing of wafers or substrates.


Laser Slitting

OpTek’s laser slitting techniques can be used for all material types, including fine structures, producing very narrow widths of less than 10 microns. 


Patterning & Texturing

Laser patterning of thin films is used to create conducting and/or isolating paths in coated and multilayer materials.


Laser Marking

Laser scribing and thin film scribing is well suited to the creation of fine lines and other blind features and patterns on a wide range of substrates, thin films, and coatings.

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