Stripping of single and ribbon optical fibers for connectorization, FBG writing, or medical device assembly is often achieved through mechanical, chemical, or heat-based methods. These methods risk ageing or abrading the underlying glass, reducing immediate or long-term failure modes. They are also dependent on operator skill, which may result in repeatability challenges during subsequent component assembly or re-coating. 


OpTek’s LaserStrip™ production tools are built around technology that has been relied on in performance critical, volume production of optical fiber components since the mid 1990’s. Using a proprietary contact-free process, our benchtop and free-standing systems allow for rapid stripping of a variety of different coating materials with high positional accuracy and consistent finish quality. The improved results provided to our customers include higher yields, greater throughput, and improved positional accuracy. 



    LaserStrip 1500R Product


      LaserStrip 3500 Machine


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