We are delivering technology across a range of power generation and energy storage applications.

Our partners and customers in the energy sector are working with technologies that span land-based turbines, Photovoltaics, wind, wave, and fuel cells. OpTek capabilities are involved in inspection and repair for turbine components, laser patterning of thin films for power generation and storage (PV cells/panels, batteries, capacitors and ultra-capacitors),  precision machining of materials for fuel cells, and processing of optical fiber for a range of sensing requirements.

•    Laser scribing and patterning in a range of thin film and wafer-based photovoltaic technologies

•    Laser processing for thin film and solid-state energy storage devices, batteries and capacitors

•    In-situ inspection and repair of performance and safety-critical power generation equipment in land-based turbine and nuclear power installations

•    Laser processing involved in the manufacture of sensors to monitor stress & strain, pressure and temperature in wind turbines, land-based turbines and other power generating infrastructure

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