Optical fiber is used in an increasing number of sensing systems, both directly as the sensing element, or as a means of relaying the signal from a sensor to the processing electronics, data storage or display.

Optical fibers are used in a wide range of applications, measuring temperature, pressure, stress, movement and the presence of specific elements or compounds and a specific environment.  Optical fiber offers particular benefits in size and flexibility, an immunity to electromagnetic interference and no risk of electrical discharge that might ignite a flammable material. 

Applications include:

  • Level sensing in aircraft (and other) fuel tanks
  • Monitoring for blood loss around canula site of patients receiving intravenous blood treatments like dialysis
  • Live monitoring blood chemistry in patient care
  • Measuring high temperatures in performance critical equipment such as gas turbines
  • Sensors for monitoring stress and movement in large architectural structures like bridges and buildings
  • Detecting changes in the composition of closed environments, to detect toxic or harmful atmospheres, or the early signs of a fire

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