Our Core Values Are Underpinned by an Inclusive & Collaborative Culture

Our combined expertise is a critical component of our success at creating customer solutions so we strive to create a cultural environment conducive to shared ideas, innovation and a common sense of purpose.  We take pride in the difference we can make to our customers, their consumers and society as a whole.

Our culture and values

Our corporate culture has developed over the 20 years since its founding in February 2000 by three entrepreneurial engineers and our core values of innovation and agility which enable us to deliver customer satisfaction, continue to underpin everything we do. 

To these we have added team-work and integrity which in combination strengthen our professional expertise and drive towards excellence.


We have a curiosity to solve problems and a hunger to have an impact. We know the best solutions come from a diversity of thought.


We believe good ideas in business come with a sense of urgency. We should move fast and iterate.


We believe that expertise is earned every day. We want to create a strong learning environment that inspires continuous improvement and teamwork.


We believe in impeccable ethics, honesty and open communication. Openness enables us to respond positively to problems and opportunities.