OpTek Systems is expanding operations at its main UK site by adding 8,000 square feet of temperature controlled production and laboratory space to its Abingdon manufacturing facility. The 20,000 square feet facility includes semi-cleanroom additions to accommodate OpTek’s growth in precision laser processing services and laser processing machine tool fabrication.

This follows four years of record growth, which has also seen the company expand into bigger premises in North America where it offers subcontract manufacturing services, equipment sales and support to domestic US customers.

Business into the Asian sector has also been rapidly expanding through a range of unique laser micromachining tools. This success was recognized with a Queen’s Award for International Trade in 2011 and the trend continues throughout 2012 and into 2013.


OpTek’s core business is in the development of precision laser micromachining processes and the transitioning of these into robust, reliable and cost effective contract manufacturing services and production ready machines.

The company’s strengths lie in the expertise that has been accumulated from decades of experience in the field, harnessing the widest available range of laser sources and applying them to the micro-engineering challenges of industry. OpTek has a track record of developing novel laser processes that go on to become industry standards, from laser patterning of print rollers to laser scribing in thin film capacitors and the production of integrated micro-optics for optical fiber networks.

Subcontract manufacturing services

OpTek provides contract manufacturing services from its UK and US facilities.  These locations are equipped with a wide range of laser sources from the IR to UV, providing a comprehensive capability and the ability to develop processes for virtually all materials, with features down to a few microns combined with exceptional control.

OpTek has the resources, experience and flexibility to adapt a process to meet customer needs. Often a straightforward, manual approach to handing parts is adequate for trials and evaluation, however as volumes increase, automated handling is added to increase throughput and drive down unit costs. Through this ability to adapt the hardware and processing approach OpTek are able to respond to customer needs whether this be for a single part or a million.

With broad ranging experience in engineering and manufacturing, OpTek can also undertake additional production steps around the laser process, to provide a more complete manufacturing service, including management of the supply chain for incoming material and onward processing.

Production line equipment

For customers that require or prefer closer integration of the micromachining process with their on-site production facilities a number of options exist.  OpTek offers a range of stand-alone machine tool platforms that can be tailored to the needs of a specific application. For higher volume applications or those requiring multiple process steps, OpTek designs and builds custom machines and more complex automated systems, as appropriate, this includes modules for integration with existing or new production lines through to full end-to-end or roll-2-roll equipment.

Global locations

OpTek operates its primary facilities in Europe and North America to support local development and production requirements, and to work with multinationals that may be headquartered in these locations but will ultimately manufacture in Asia, where we provide local support services to the end user.

Gideon Foster-Turner

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