OpTek Systems, precision laser micromachining specialist and global leader in laser processing of optical fibers, has launched the second generation of its bench-top tool for termination of optical interconnects. The LaserCleaveTM is a compact, production-ready platform designed to maximize productivity in optical connector manufacturing.

Central to the LaserCleaveTM-1500 technology’s core value is the elimination of mechanical scribing, which is prone to fiber chips and hackle, and the reduction of mechanical polishing steps that are used in the traditional finishing of connectors. Elimination of operator variability in scribing, coupled with dramatic savings in consumable materials, labour and polishing equipment leads to a direct reduction in manufacturing costs. Moreover the OpTek laser cleaving process is accurate and reproducible, improving first pass yields and overall productivity.

The LaserCleaveTM-1500 platform supports a range of tools for cleaving simplex connectors, bare fibers, and multi-fiber connectors, including ribbon fiber. “With the rapid evolution of short reach and active optical interconnectivity, combined with continued pressures on factory costs, market conditions definitely favor next generation manufacturing platforms,” says Duane Dinkel, President, OpTek Systems US business.

The LaserCleaveTM-1500 platform has been adopted by leading optical connector manufactures throughout Europe, USA and Asia. The second generation product provides an enhanced operator experience, with improved ergonomics, control software and user interface.

The LaserCleaveTM-1500 forms part of a portfolio of tools for processing optical fiber, waveguides and connectors, offered by OpTek Systems. Other products in the range deliver advanced optical fiber processing including, cleaving, angle cleaving, stripping and lensing, and are applied to fibers in a wide range of applications including, high power fiber laser, datacom, telecom, medical and sensing. OpTek systems can provide these capabilities as stand-alone manually loaded tools, fully automated spool to component solutions, or from its sub-contract manufacturing services in the UK and USA.

Gideon Foster-Turner

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