FAU (Fiber Array Unit) multifiber assemblies offer high-density, high bandwidth solutions for the new era of fiber optic applications, including telecommunications, data centers, silicon photonics, defense and medical applications.

OpTek System's proprietary laser technology offers end-to-end processing advantages from precision, high-strength stripping to laser cleaving and lensing to hermetic packaging.



FAU Contract ManufacturingFAU Manufacturing Automation
End-to-End packagingLaser Cleaving
Proprietary stress rod alignment (Panda, Bow Tie, RibbonizationPM Rod Alignment
Tight CoplanarityCoupling Efficiency Gains
High Coupling Efficiency High/Low Volume & Mix
Reduced alignment sensitivity 


Turnkey FAUs for CPO and Board Mount Packages

Turnkey FAU's
Protruding End-cappedProtruding LensProtruding Flush-polished
Free SpaceFree SpaceDirect-mount or Free-spaceDirect-mount
RX or Tx Board-mountRx or Tx Waveguide or ChipRx or Tx Board-mountRx or Tx Waveguide or Chip
TIR; Collimation
>5µm Working Distance
0° or 8° or TIR
0° or 8°



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