Laser milling and laser micro-milling are used in the creation of precisely controlled surface structures, channels, pockets, and other features requiring three-dimensional control of dimensions.

Through the use of the appropriate laser type and beam scanning techniques it is possible to machine features with exceptional control over size and depth. Laser milling is an excellent option for the production of low aspect ratio feature, where the X and Y dimensions are measured in millimeters or centimeters yet the depth is only a few microns or a few tens of microns. In such applications, a low surface roughness at the base and on the walls of the feature is often of critical importance. Through the careful definition of the process parameters, it is possible to achieve sub-micron levels of roughness.

Laser milling widely applied across a range of materials and used in applications such as mould tools, lubricating channels, microfluidic and biomedical devices, embossing, stamping, and machining tools. Laser micro milling is applied to create features in flat or contoured surfaces. Beam scanning, mask imaging, or a combination of the two provides great flexibility in the range of features that may be produced. With precise control of the processing depth, OpTeks' laser milling can be applied in layers to create deeper features. These layers can be or the same size as the one above to create steep-sided walls, or reduced to create a stepped or even graduated profile.

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