Providing responsive processing and micromachining services for any need and scale, on time and on budget.

There are many reasons to contract part and subassembly manufacturing to OpTek if you’re not ready to purchase a machine to do the work yourself. We can help bring your innovative solutions from prototype to large-scale production while controlling your capital, per-unit and overall costs. We can simplify your supply chain and provide assurance that you’ll always have the parts you need, where and when you need them. We have the equipment, resources and experience to take on the most challenging projects and get the job done right.

OpTek is much more than a commodity laser job shop. Through our huge inventory of laser equipment assets and extensive process capabilities, we can create complex, precision features in practically any material at the most challenging tolerances. With every project, we rigorously adhere to each customer’s standards and procedures, even as required for highly regulated applications such as medical devices and tissue processing. With multiple locations in the U.S. as well as facilities in the UK and APAC, we have the global manufacturing capabilities to meet your local needs.

Laser micromachining, laser drilling and micro-hole drilling, precision laser cutting, laser dicing, laser milling and micro-milling, laser scribing, thin film and wafer scribing, laser patterning, laser engraving, laser marking, optical fiber cleaving and lensing, optical connector termination and much more: OpTek confidently achieves your technical, quality, volume and delivery requirements. What’s your next project? Let’s talk.

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