Our dedicated team for machine design and automation are highly experienced in a wide variety of parts handling, machine vision and motion systems. We have a full lifecycle machine design and build department offering customized machines with varying levels of automation. 

Further to the core laser processes we have on offer, we also specialize in the design and build of high precision machines built to a high quality industrial standard with the right level of automation to suit each customer’s individual needs. Our experience ranges from part handling for high and low volume precision work, web handling including pick-to-tape for electronics processing, through to high precision motion and vision systems. We also provide robot handling for more complex part movement as well as conveyor lines, stacking and de-stacking.

Our industry 4 experience convers a variety of factory automation systems and integrating into customers’ Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) Systems. This automation enables information to be transferred through industrial networks to communicate directly with our machines, enabling them to be remotely monitored and controlled. We are able to customize this to suit different company systems.

OpTek are also highly experienced in high precision motion systems; our machines are designed for high precision machining, sometimes down to sub-micron level. We use high magnification vision systems for precision alignment and can supply automated alignment routines that can correct for X,Y and rotation correction as well as anisotropic stretch compensation, for example printed wafers.

We have long-standing experience in integrating automated machine vision systems, both hardware and software, to complete part quality checks, including pre and post-processing checks, measurement, alignment and robot targeting. Vision systems are becoming an increasingly important and desired part of the machining process due to their ability to ensure that processes are carried out to the required standard. For example, they can perform measurement checks amongst various different quality checks as a way to verify that a process is working as expected. OpTek have been taking this a step further with the use of AI vision systems, which have the ability to self-learn and are able to pick up very subtle features that cannot be identified by operators.

Thanks to our modern, intuitive, and highly customizable software platform with industry 4 connectivity, we are able to produce highly flexible machines for a wide range of industries and applications, with the right level of automation to suit your specific requirements.

Here are just a few examples of areas we’ve been involved in:

  • Biomedical – applications that involve the use of natural materials, which can vary considerably, require the use of vision systems to identify which parts of the material are suitable for processing and which parts are not. 
  • Pharmaceutical – to facilitate full product traceability all the way back to the raw materials, we have produced machines that automatically mark information onto a material whilst also checking the markings are legible. 
  • Electronics – we provide production systems for the electronics industry that pick-to-tape following part processing.

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