As customers strive for continuous productivity, yield and quality improvements in a competitive marketplace, many are turning to automation to enable a competitive edge.

With hundreds of years of combined experience, OpTek has delivered a multitude of integrated device handling, processing, assembly and inspection systems as a part of, or separate to, a laser processing tool.

These systems features such as:

  • Part or full component assembly
  • ML/AI Augmented vision and quality control
  • Robot Part & Laser delivery systems
  • Pick & Place
  • Dicing
  • Tape & Reel / Tray Packaging
  • Bowl/Item feeding and identification systems
  • In-process inspection and marking
  • Adhesive dispensing and curing

Our customer-focussed design approach, and our partnerships with leading system component vendors allows us to quickly develop, build and commission systems that exceed customers expectations.

We build automation solutions for laser engineering, component assembly and QA process to address very specific customer needs. We can build multiple processes into a single machine module, or develop modules that work in a serial process flow.

We can build many different automated assembly processes:

  • Automated pickers using robotics arms to pull cub-components and place them into cartridges
  • Cartridge loading systems to enable batch processing to improve productivity
  • Ferule deisgn to ensure every fiber is positioned correctly for laser processing
  • Visual inspection at each step of the way to ensure quality and yield on each batch
  • Quality Validation with visual AI to give recorded data on all output.

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