Our laser processing capability is supported by our extensive facility including 26 application labs and a wide range of laser options that operate at multiple wavelengths, enabling us to provide the right solution for our customers at the best price.

The breadth of lasers we have available allows us to machine almost any material, particularly those that are challenged by mechanical methods, such as silicon nitride, carbon steels, diamond, and materials with high melting points. From short pulse to long pulse, our lasers operate in wavelengths from infrared to visible, UV, and deep UV. In terms of pulse-width, we can machine anything using microsecond, nanosecond, picosecond, or femtosecond lasers. 

We have worked with R&D departments from a number of different industries to help them develop their processes for a variety of applications, from silicon probe cards to medical components and sensor applications. Our facilities, knowledge, and resources enable us to adapt solutions to a wide range of markets where we can both provide the equipment and produce the parts to manufacture a complete product. 

NanosecondCheapest option, Can cut materials from 10 microns to a millimetre in thickness, Can process plastics, ceremics, diamond, steel etc.Not the most stable option e.g not suitable for the silicon wafer industry.
PicosecondMore powerful thank femtosecond, Shorter pulsed than nanosecond, Can process deeper materials at better quality than a femtosecond laser, Cheaper than femtosecond.More expensive that nanosecond.
FemtosecondGreater stability, Use's all three wavelengths: infrared, green and UV. Runs from femtosecond to picosecond.Most expensive option.

OpTek has the knowledge and experience to recommend the right laser for the right job and not being tied to any one laser manufacturer means we are always able to develop processes using the most cost-effective solution. For example, as cost varies with the wavelength, if the job can be done to the expected standard using infrared, we will use this option where possible as it is cheaper than using visible or UV, regardless of the laser itself. We also have the ability to test out lasers in our own labs before we commit to using them in customer machines. 

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