The key to customer success in manufacturing is quality and reliability and OpTek have the resources to provide the service and support you need to achieve the required Availability, Performance, and Quality for your system. 

There are many ways to maintain and service your equipment, two of which include using an in-house resource or a third party maintenance supplier. Below are some key considerations to have in mind when deciding which option to go for.

Do we have the skills and resources? Do they have the skills and resources?Have the skills and resources to maintain the system
Do we hold the correct spares?Do they hold the correct spares?Only use recommended spares
Do we have the time?How do we choose?Design and manufacture the system

Our Service team offer both reactive and preventative maintenance supported by both remote support and on-site visits depending on the issue. Support from OpTek is not just about repairs in the face of equipment breakdown or failure, but includes routine checks and upgrades to boost your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) metrics. OEE is the standard for measuring manufacturing productivity and is a way of identifying the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive.

A = Availability (Unplanned and Planned Stops)

P = Performance (Slow Cycles and Small Stops)

Q = Quality (Defects, including parts that require rework)

OEE = Measures all losses

A x P x Q = OEE

Not only does OpTek provide the best manufacturing solution for our customers, but we also support that solution through the entire lifetime of the system. If your manufacturing priorities change, we are always on hand to advise on upgrades and improvements.

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