Going beyond the limitations of mechanical drilling we deliver highly accurate, reliable and versatile production methods for the creation of micro-holes for a wide range of applications.

Laser drilling of micro-holes is a key area for precision laser micromachining. Laser micro drilling is widely applied to the creation of precisely controlled orifices for applications that demand a combination of small diameter, exceptional quality, and exacting tolerances. At OpTek Systems Global facilites we are able to draw on a wide range of laser sources to deliver precision micro hole drilling in any material. Through a combination of careful laser and process parameter selection, with state of the art optical and mechanical techniques, we are able to control not only the diameter of the hole but also its shape and profile.

The combination of precision laser hole drilling with highly accurate positioning equipment and exceptional control means that very dense hole arrays can be produced. Being a non-contact process, laser drilling is not subject to tool wear, delivering highly reproducible results. In addition to round holes, it is possible to laser drill non-round holes including square holes, rectangular, and other non-round hole shapes. Our versatile techniques also give us control over the cross-sectional profile of an orifice, allowing us to create holes with cylindrical, tapered, and other profiles.


  • Suitable for all material types
  • Drill single micron holes
  • Control the taper
  • Drill at high speed
  • Ability to drill non-flat surfaces e.g. tubes 
  • Flexibility on diameter and location
  • High aspect ratio


  • No tool wear or breakage
  • Minimum heat affected zone
  • Clean and dry process – limited post process cleaning
  • No swarf / FOD after processing

Laser drilled micro-holes, with diameters from around one micron to several hundred microns, are used in an increasing range of industries and applications including:

  • Biomedical – spray orifices, injectors, drug delivery, controlled leaks, filters and test strips
  • Semiconductor – probe card guide plates
  • Energy – fuel cells
  • Sensing – oxygen sensors

OpTek provides a responsive and efficient laser-processing and micromachining service for precision laser drilling from locations in the US and UK. Utilizing its wide range of laser types from Ultra Short Pulsed, UV to IR, and many years of processing experience, OpTek can address your precision hole drilling requirements from prototype level through to full-scale production.

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