OpTek Systems today announced the approval of the LaserCleave™1500-MXC tool by US optical connector manufacturer US Conec for use in the production of its multi-row PRIZM® MT Connector solutions.

This extends the qualification of the LaserCleave™ 1500 tool from the single row PRIZM® LightTurn® product which was certified in 2013 to include up to four rows of 12-fiber ribbons. Extension to more fibers per row, and more rows, continues.

“We are pleased to have this endorsement from US Conec to allow the use of our laser-processing platforms for their exciting new optical interconnect product,” said Mike Osborne, OpTek’s Technical Director. “This builds on more than 15 years of laser fiber-processing experience, and adds to a growing number of next-generation non-polish connectors that are now using OpTek machines”.

The LaserCleave™1500-LT & MXCTM tools are part of a family of products manufactured by OpTek Systems for processing optical fiber terminations. The product range includes tools for processing conventional connectors requiring a final polishing step, high performance terminations for field installable connectors, and advanced non-polish optical interconnects for the emerging very-high-volume markets.

About OpTek

OpTek Systems is the world leader in laser processing tools for optical fibers through its LaserCleave™ range of machines which serve the conventional connectorization, active devices, fiber-lasers, and next-generation connector markets including the US Conec PRIZM® LightTurn® and Prizm® MT and MXCTM non-polish connectors. Established in 2000, OpTek has manufacturing facilities in the USA, UK and China, with additional sales and support in Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and mainland Europe.

OpTek Systems is a global provider of laser processing equipment and manufacturing services for the fiber optic and micromachining markets and has an impressive track record of developing novel laser processes and of transitioning these into robust and cost effective production line solutions, incorporating automated part handling and integrated inspection.

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