LaserCleave 1500 Product Image
LaserCleave 1500 Product Image
LaserCleave 1500 Product Image


Engineered to address the production of existing and a new generation of optical interconnects, in a compact and user-friendly platform, LaserCleave™-1500 is designed to maximize productivity in connector manufacture.

This unit has an interchangeable loading port, on a kinematic mount to allow for rapid changeover between connectors types. Optional ferrule ports are available for the majority of standard polished connectors. US Connec endorses the LaserCleave-1500 for processing of fiber ribbons for PRIZM® LightTurn® and PRIZM® MT connectors.

For more information about optical fiber processing tools or to discuss solutions for your specific processing needs contact OpTek directly.

    Key Features
    • Interchangeable fixture for a wide range of connector types
    • Rapid, non-contact process
    • Cuts fiber and epoxy close to the pedestal
    • Accurate and repeatable cut off length or cleave position
    • Control over fiber end geometry
    • No core-cracks, chipping, scratching or hackle
    • Minimize or eliminate post cleaving operations
    • The reduced overall cost of terminations
    Electrical Supply Single Phase, 1.7kVA  
    Cooling Air Cooled; Water Cooling Option  
    Vision Integrated Viewing Cameras  
    Shards Capacity Collection>1M Fiber Shards  
    Size (WxDxH) 756.0 x 505.0 x 245.0 mm 29.8 x 19.9 x 9.6 in
    Weight 35 kg 77.2 lb