Laser Cleaving developed by OpTek Systems has been adopted globally to address the challenges faced in the production processing of optical fibers.

Laser cleaving uses precision laser technology to accurately and precisely terminate optical fibers, with flat or angled facets on a broad range of fiber types and waveguides. The flexibility of the Laser cleaving technology means that the geometry of the end face can be adjusted to suit the application. Laser cleaving delivers superior optical quality compared to mechanical termination and can be applied to free fibers, fiber ribbons and arrays, optical connectors, and even in-situ packaged fibers and waveguides.

The precision laser cleaving process provides highly accurate control of the end face angle from 0 to greater than 45 degrees. The laser cleave can also be precisely positioned with respect to other features on the fiber, such as metallization or a connector body. The core technology of the laser cleaving process can also be applied to more complex end face geometries, allowing the creation of multi-faceted forms and a range of lens geometries. The laser process can also be used to strip polymer coatings, providing a complete optical fiber termination solution.

The OpTek laser cleaving process was first commercialized in the early 21st century and is at the heart of our growing portfolio of production equipment and subcontract manufacturing services. Originally developed for broadband optical telecommunications, today OpTek laser cleaving is delivering its unique performance advantages to optical fibers used in telecoms, datacoms, fiber lasers, biomedical, oil and gas, and a range of sensing applications. For more information, or to discuss your specific laser cleaving or fiber processing requirements, please contact your nearest OpTek representatives.

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