Drilled apertures leaks and laser drilling fuel injector

Precision Drilled Apertures & Leaks

We offer precision laser Machined micro-holes and apertures for a wide range of applications through our contract manufacturing facilities. From precision pinholes for optical applications to calibration standards for gas leak detection, in some of the most demanding applications, OpTek can deliver the precision drilling service you require.

We are able to process virtually any material type, whether in simple sheet/disc format or more complex components and assemblies. We routinely process micro-holes with diameters down to a few microns in diameter and exceptional tolerances. For more information or to discuss your specific hole drilling requirement, please contact us.

    Key Features
    • Highly precise round and shaped apertures
    • Feature sizes from ~1micron (material dependent)
    • Exceptional accuracy and reproducibility
    • Drilling in any material type
    • Responsive and reliable contract processing service