High temp sensor

Fiber Sensors

Optical fiber sensors are used in an ever-increasing range of situations, from oil and gas wells to monitoring conditions in the human body.  Fiber sensors have a number of unique advantages, such as being immune to electromagnetic interference and not posing a hazard in highly flammable environments and are able to operate in harsh and high-temperature environments.  The technology can be used to detect a wide range of factors from temperature and pressure, movement, shape, position, and the presence of, or changes in the elements in a given environment.

OpTek Systems supports the development and production of OpTek fiber sensors with decades of experience in handling and processing optical fiber.

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    Key Features
    • LaserCleave technology for stripping, cutting, and shaping an optical fiber
    • High-quality end termination capabilities
    • Ability to process optical fibers in-suite (process optical end as final production step)
    • Ability to drill apertures and create complex shapes on fiber ends and sides
    • Laser fusing to create collimators and beam expanders
    • Range of added-value services for production and packaging