Central to OpTek’s core values is the understanding that our business is intimately tied to the success of our customers and partners.

These values are best served through collaboration and an effective working relationship at all stages in the delivery of a project or supply contract. For our customers that purchase of processing equipment or machines, begins with the first contact and continues indefinitely. Well beyond the installation of your equipment, OpTek is on hand to help maintain optimum performance, provide support, and help you anticipate future requirements.

Alongside your warranty, we’ll be recommending routine maintenance that will keep your equipment in good running order and our service team will be on hand to provide the support you need, when you need it.

Of course, support is not just about maintenance and repairs. We can also advise on upgrades and improvements, provide training to your engineers and operators, and we can also provide spare parts and additional tooling or fixtures where required.

Longer-term, we are on hand to help anticipate your processing needs and can support fluctuations on your demand and drains on your capacity, through our comprehensive “Contract Manufacturing” facilities.

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