Meeting your manufacturing needs with standard platforms, custom capabilities and fully integrated solutions.

At OpTek, our specialty is developing new processes for laser machining, laser micromachining, and optical fiber processing—then designing these processes into robust, high-productivity production equipment tailored to our customers’ needs.

Our standard platforms incorporate a wide range of laser technologies, offering unmatched flexibility to apply micro-hole drilling, cutting, scribing, 3D machining, selective layer removal, micro-milling, welding, surface treatment, and many other processes to virtually any material. For customers that need high-volume production—whether through integration into a new or existing production line, or through a complete, end-to-end solution—we also provide advanced automation technologies for high-speed material handling with sub-micron placement tolerances.

Recognized for flexible processing capabilities, quality engineering, and exceptional reliability in volume production, OpTek systems are in service around the world, producing many millions of precision parts for a vast and ever-growing array of industrial applications. With our highly adaptable standard solutions, we can likely supply exactly what you need with minimal lead time. Or we can provide custom development for highly specialized requirements. Either way, let’s talk.

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