Where one of our standard fiber processing tools will not adequately address your needs, OpTek supplies custom machine tools, either based on one of our standard tool platforms or designed from the floor up as appropriate.

OpTek’s LaserCleave™ technology is ideally suited to volume production of optical interconnects, lensed optical fiber, and optical fiber-based fiber components and assemblies. Laser processing can be used to remove primary acrylate coatings, cut flat and angled optical facets, and machining a range of lens forms, forming the basis of an exceptional fiber processing toolbox. This extremely fast, highly accurate, and reproducible process is non-contact, avoiding issues associated with mechanical damage and tool wear.

Through the integration of fiber spool feeding and automated fiber handling, it is possible to maximize productivity while maintaining quality. Furthermore, the use of online inspection and monitoring allows for unparalleled control over the manufacturing process.

For more information on custom-built fiber processing equipment, please contact OpTek Systems.