Laser cleave 3500


The LaserCleave™-3500 series from OpTek Systems have been developed to address the challenges faced in the production of OE connectors, AOC’s (Active Optical Cables) and other connectors requiring optical grade cleaves.

The LaserCleave™-3500 is a fully integrated, standalone tool for laser cleaving of optical interconnect assemblies. The tool is cassette loaded to provide automated processing of multiple assemblies, with interchangeable cassettes for processing of both connectorized and bare-fiber components.

The LaserCleave™-3500 is designed to be operator-independent and has all necessary ancillary services on-board, with the exception of the electrical supply.

For more information about optical fiber processing tools or to discuss solutions for your specific processing needs contact OpTek directly.

    Key Features
    • Accurate cleaving of protruding fiber after assembly in the connector
    • LaserCleave™ laser cleaving for exceptional quality and reproducibility
    • Cassette loading for multi-part processing
    • Interchangeable cassettes for maximum flexibility
    • Fully integrated for standalone “turn-key” operation
    • CE Marked and certified
    Electrical Supply 20A, 220V±10%, Single Phase  
    Shards Integrated Collection of >1M Fiber Shards  
    Size (WxDxH) 1400.0 x 800.0 x 1200.0 mm 55.1 x 31.5 x 47.2 in
    Weight 350 kg 771.6 lb
    Communications PC Remote Control via Internet  
    Technical Bulletins