LC-3500 Machine

LaserCleave-3500 Lenser

The LaserCleave™-3500 Lenser is a fully integrated, standalone tool for laser lensing of optical fiber. The tool is cassette loaded to provide precision location and automated processing of the desired lens form.

The lenser is a sophisticated instrument capable of machining conical, cylindrical, and Bi-conic lenses, with online monitoring of far-field distribution and active feedback to ensure perfect lens geometry and positioning over the fiber core.

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    Key Features
    • Fast, accurate and reproducible lensing of optical fiber
    • Conical, cylindrical, and Bi-conic lens profiles
    • Programable lens radius and geometry
    • LaserCleave™ laser cleaving for exceptional quality and reproducibility
    • Cassette loading for accurate positioning and processing
    • Monitor far-field distribution, for optimum lens geometry and alignment
    • Fully integrated for standalone “turn-key” operation
    • CE Marked and certified
    Electrical Supply 20A, 220V±10%, Single Phase  
    Shards Integrated Collection of >1M Fiber Shards  
    Size (WxDxH) 1400.0 x 800.0 x 1200.0 m 55118.1 x 31496.1 x 47244.1 in
    Weight 350 kg 771.6 lb
    Communications PC Remote Control via Internet