LaserCleave 500 Machine


The LaserCleave™ 500 Tabletop Fiber processing tools for optical interconnect production. Designed to remove fiber and epoxy close to the connector ferrule, prior to the final polish, this tool offers unprecedented levels of compactness and is designed to maximize productivity in connector manufacture.

The LaserCleave™ 500 can be delivered with a range of ferrule adaptors to accommodate the majority of standard single and multi-fiber connectors.

LaserCleave™ production tools from OpTek Systems are built around the technology that has been relied on in performance-critical, volume production of optical fiber components since the mid-1990s.

For more information about optical fiber processing tools or to discuss solutions for your specific processing needs contact OpTek directly.

    Key Features
    • Reduced cost of connector manufacture
    • Improve yield on connector manufacture
    • Rapid, non-contact process
    • Cuts fiber and epoxy close to the pedestal
    • Accurate and repeatable cut off length or cleave position
    • No core-cracks, chipping, scratching, or hackle
    • Reduce the number of polishing steps
    • Reduce consumables and inventory
    • Reduce hazardous polishing waste
    Electrical Supply Single Phase, 0.5kVA  
    Cooling Air Cooled  
    Vision Optional Viewing Camera & Monitor  
    Shards Capacity Collection >1M Fiber Shards  
    Size (WxDxH) 190.0 x 500.0 x 145.0 mm 7.5 x 19.7 x 5.7 in
    Weight 15 kg 33.1 lb
    Technical Bulletins