LaserStrip 3500 Machine


LaserStrip tools from OpTek Systems provide high performance and versatile removal of primary acrylate coatings from optical fiber.

Based on the LaserCleave™-3500 series platform, LaserStrip tools are custom fitted for individual process requirements. The combination of standard machine platform with custom fixtures and process routines, allows us to deliver production stripping tools for a range of applications. Laser stripping can be applied to end, window (or combination) stripping, over virtually any length, hence the need for dedicated tooling.

For more information about laser stripping or to discuss solutions for your specific processing needs contact OpTek directly.

    Key Features

    •    Fast, clean, high performance stripping of primary acrylate optical fiber coatings.

    •    End and window stripping

    •    Programable stripping routines

    •    LaserCleave™ laser processing for exceptional quality and reproducibility

    •    Bespoke fixtures for accurate positioning and processing

    •    Fully integrated for standalone “turn-key” operation

    •    CE Marked and certified

    Electrical Supply 20A, 220V±10%, single phase  
    Extraction Integrated extraction of local process fume  
    Size 1400x800x1200mm  
    Weight 350kg  
    Communications PC remote control via internet