Bespoke Laser Micromachining Tools

Custom production machines from OpTek Systems offer excellent processing performance, combining reliability, ease of use, and unmatched throughput in a range of 24/7 production applications. Having developed components or devices that have precision features, it is important to find a reliable method for production. Whether you intend to subcontract this production or source a machine to do it in house, OpTek Systems specializes in providing reliable, precision laser processing, along with fully engineered part handling and automation. With many years of experience in process engineering, product development, laser technology, process automation, and quality control – OpTek Systems provide intelligent production solutions for high volume production environments.

  • Laser micromachining of precision profiles, including the trepanning and drilling of round holes in a range of materials
  • High aspect ratio holes and tightly packed hole arrays
  • Component processing to customer-specific quality criteria can include post-process testing including microscopic inspection, flow testing, chemical or electrical testing

Whether you’re looking to develop a new process, build a new line, or enhance an existing facility, contact OpTek to discuss how we can help.